The Doctrine of Our Union with Christ

The Doctrine of Our Union with Christ

I’m just finishing a newer book by Marcus Peter Johnson, a professor at Moody Bible Institute. One with Christ is a robust call to reaffirm the biblical doctrine of our union with Christ as the basis of our salvation. Johnson helps us remember that the doctrine of our union with Christ is the basis of our justification and sanctification. He reminds us that Jesus is more than just an “external” Savior, but that He is alive—in every true believer—and His resurrection power is flowing through us. His book is thoroughly biblical and theologically solid. It is published by Crossway, which has stayed true to its theological convictions.

Dr. Johnson reminds us that too often as we think of salvation, we think only in forensic terms and separate salvation from the Savior. Interestingly, Johnson is a Lutheran teaching at Moody. Maybe we needed a dose of Lutheran emphasis to help us recover this vital doctrine.

The first endorsement on the back is from J.I. Packer:

Theologian Johnson is a Reformed thinker who restates for us Luther’s and Calvin’s Bible-based insistence that union with Christ is the framing fact within which, and whereby, all the specifics of salvation reach us. His book merits careful study, for he does his job outstandingly well.

If you haven’t read a good theological book in awhile, I would highly recommend that you pick up Johnson’s One with Christ and be reminded why the gospel is such good news!

by Jay Childs, Senior Pastor