What I've Been Reading Lately

What I’ve Been Reading Lately

Every once in a while, I will publish a list of what I’ve been reading as of late. Here is my latest reading list—with a few comments:

I read Saying it Well, by Chuck Swindoll. It is his autobiography, and it is very much worth the read. I read two books by David Platt, Radical Together and Follow Me. Both are good, sturdy, biblical, challenging reads!

Becky and I read two C.S. Lewis books together: The Problem of Pain and The Screwtape Letters. Anything by Lewis is excellent. These were no exceptions.

I read two biographies: Alexander the Great, by Phillip Freeman—a fascinating overview by a good classics scholar—and C.S. Lewis: A Life, by Alister McGrath.

Becky and I have been reading a novel out loud by Nicholas Sparks, Safe Haven—a good story.

I also finished reading the Koran this year.

On our extended visit to Saudi Arabia in May and June, I read a couple books on Saudi: 1) Saudi Arabia: Culture Smart and 2) On Saudi Arabia, by Karen Elliot House. The latter book is absolutely excellent. It is written by a female journalist who’s been given extensive access to Saudi for over 20 years. She writes with candor, clarity, and shrewd observations. Actually, I am a bit surprised at how open and critical she is of Saudi culture.

One of thee best books I read this year was a small Puritan book by John Flavel entitled, The Mystery of Providence. Simply one of the best books I’ve ever read about God. I’d put it up there with Jeremiah Burrough’s The Rare Jewel of Christian Contentment and Thomas Watson’s All Things For Good.

I reads Andy Stanley’s new book, Deep & Wide. Not bad. Not great. But some good stuff.

The most recent books I’ve read include Darwin’s Doubt: The Explosive Origin of Animal Life and the Case for Intelligent Design, by Stephen Meyer, and John Frame’s new Systematic Theology (actually, this one is an on-going project). So far it is excellent.

by Jay Childs, Senior Pastor