Why We're Excited about EFCCL

Why We’re Excited about EFCCL

As we move through this summer, Becky and I have a growing anticipation for coming to the Evangelical Free Church of Crystal Lake. Lord willing, we will begin our journey together—with you—on October 6. In the meantime, let me share a few reasons why we are excited about EFCCL:

  1. Because of the Search Committee that we met and interacted with. From beginning to end, they were professional and treated us with courtesy. They exuded a love for God and a love for the local church. They were great representatives of the body at large.
  2. Because of the congregation we met and interacted with during our two weekend visits in April and May. Becky and I left both weekends with a clear sense that EFCCL is a body of believers who love one another, and love the Lord. We left both weekends feeling loved on and eager to return.
  3. Because of EFCCL’s Elder Board. The Elders (and their wives) have a clear sense of God’s call to both lead and serve the local church. They love the local church. Becky and I thoroughly enjoyed our interactions with the Elders and their wives in both formal and informal settings. They are a great group of leadership couples.
  4. Because of EFCCL’s staff. What a delight! As we interacted with both support and pastoral staff, we felt an instant connection. We felt a warm camaraderie and shared vision. We are eager to come and begin serving together with the entire staff. They are also a lot of fun!
  5. Because of EFCCL’s commitment to Scripture. During our “secret visit” at the end of April, we had the privilege of listening to Pastor Marty preach the Word. We had sat under his ministry when I was in seminary at North Suburban Church in Deerfield. As we listened to Pastor Marty again (29 years later), we could still hear the passion for God’s Word. This is a great heritage in the Free Church, in Pastor Marty’s life, and in the life of EFCCL.
  6. Because of Chicago! Becky’s parents met in Chicago. Becky and I met in Chicago (at Trinity), and both our married children met their spouses in Chicago (at Moody). Quite simply, we love the Chicagoland area. We’ve had the privilege to be in a lot of cities around the world—from Kuala Lumpur to London, from Manila to New Delhi—but we’ve agreed, for years, that our favorite city on the planet is Chicago. We are anxious to move to this great region.
  7. Because of the legacy of Pastor Bob. He is a godly man whom God used in a mighty way.
  8. Because God is at work. The entire process of interviewing at Crystal Lake—from beginning to end—revealed to us that God is at work in EFCCL. And we are excited to come and join you in the next chapter of life in the northwestern ‘burbs! To God be the glory.

by Jay Childs, Future Senior Pastor