A Debt to Consider

A Debt to Consider

Advice concerning the stewardship of finances often suggests we avoid fiscal debt so we have the freedom to give more generously to causes and needs that God lays on our hearts. But recently I’ve realized that this truth is translatable to another area of my life as well—my schedule.

Much like with our bank accounts, when our schedules are overdrawn and overwhelmed with all our must-dos and have-tos, we do not have the necessary reserves of time to respond to the emotion, relational, or physical needs of others.

This has become very clear to me of late as I have longed to reconnect with some old friends or make some time to get to know some new friends. The demands of what I already have scheduled, even including the “people needs” of ministry, have left little time to squeeze in that check-in phone call, let alone slide in that lunch date with someone who has been on my heart, or respond to a needy soul in my pathway.

My time-debt is so huge right now that I don’t have the reserves from which to give of myself to meet the needs to which God alerts me. Just as I would be called to have my fiscal house in order to be available to Him, I need to get my time-debt in order, as well. It may come down to declaring “chronosruptcy” and starting all over again with my schedule. Now that would be radical!

Perhaps you can relate. Let’s encourage one another to prayerfully consider one step this week to pay off a little of that debt of time, and to reach out to touch a soul that God has laid on our hearts. I’m reaching for the phone right now . . .

by Sheri Cook, Director of Special Ministries