What Are You Trusting?

Psalm 62:8 says, “Trust in him at all times, O people; pour out your heart before him; God is a refuge for us.” As I read this verse this morning, I was again forced to ask, “What am I trusting?” The journey our family is on — being part of a church plant in a city (Washington D.C.), raising support, packing up a home we’ve lived in for more than twelve years, leaving many friends and family — can bring us to a place of confusion, concern, craziness, and uncertainty. When the anxious thoughts come and we are experiencing fear or sadness, all too often it is easy to trust in what we can do or what we can influence. We then think that we are in control, and when things go well we are proud and if things don’t go well we get depressed. But this verse reminds us of where our trust is to lie, in the One who is our full and forever refuge.

The other great thing about this verse is the call to “pour our your heart before Him.” God is showing us through this that it isn’t up to us. We can let go and take rest under His care. This is a picture of the gospel for us. We can’t do anything to save ourselves, and so God provides the way for us through His Son, Jesus, bringing us back into a relationship with Him when we take refuge under the shed blood of the cross. It is when we trust that truth we are called His children and can live in freedom — freedom from the bondage of anxiety, confusion, concern, craziness, uncertainty and sadness. This is what I need every day!

by Jon Rees, Former Pastor of High School Ministries