The Explosive Growth of the Church

Currently I am reading through the book of the Acts, and one of the things that is obvious is how quickly the church grows, even in the midst of persecution. Now we can make theories as to why it happened then or rationalize away our (not just the EFCCL, but the American evangelical church) lack of growth. But one thing is evident, the people focused on people (not attending events), they loved one another intensely (when was the last time we gave our time, gifts, talents, and resources until it hurt), and most importantly, God moved (which we have no control over). Loving God and loving others were the most important things, and they focused intently on them.

This year, iNFUZE High School is praying and dreaming for sixty students to come to faith in Christ. No, that isn’t a typo, I meant to include the ‘ty’ after ‘six’. I’ll be honest, I don’t have the gift of faith so whenever I look at that number I get a little freaked out. But when I step back and look at the ministry I see over sixty students weekly in small groups. It really is the old adage, “each one, reach one.” So, we are challenging students and leaders to each pray for at least one person that they can share the good news with so they will be a disciple who makes a disciple of Jesus.

Jesus has rocked my life. I pray He has rocked yours as well. So, if He has, out of amazement of what He has done, let’s follow His command and seek to be a disciple who makes a disciple who makes a disciple, for His glory! Who are you praying for and are you looking for ways to share with them what God has given us in Jesus? Maybe we could see our church double in size, not because we have a cool program happening that causes people to leave their church for ours, but because each of us, by God’s grace, have reached a friend or neighbor for Jesus! Let’s pray for that!

by Jon Rees, Pastor of High School Ministries and Impact Groups