If You Think “Stir Me” Is Scary

Does God ever prompt you to pray dangerous prayers? Well, if you think Pastor Bob’s challenge to pray “stir me up” was a bit scary, recently God has prompted me to pray a prayer which begins with the word “shatter”! You must know that any prayer beginning with such a word can set one’s knees a-shaking, but that was God’s prompting, and it is a prayer I am feeling led to pray daily, until fulfilled or released.

When God stirs in us a call to pray dangerous prayers, we are justified in feeling fear. We should. We need to. Because unless we understand the potential cost, we will not realize how much spiritual courage we will need. Only when we see how beyond us it is to do these things — to even pray the prayer, in our own strength — will we have the dependence, humility, and faith for God to answer our prayer. Dangerous prayers — stir me, shatter, strip away, and the like — call for a huge level of trust in God’s power, love, and purpose. God so wants people who trust Him enough to “lose their lives for His sake” in praying the kind of carte blanche prayers that give Him free rein to work mightily in us and through us.

When we yield to this prompting and ask for the spiritual courage necessary to follow through and give voice to the prayer, we state that we understand that not to pray the dangerous prayer is far more risky than actually praying it. While the answer may unleash a personal, temporal risk, not praying it creates a vast, eternal consequence. If God is prompting you to step out and pray something risky, take some serious quiet time in His presence. Ask Him for the courage you need to trust Him and for the gift of faith you need to yield yourself to His loving, powerful hands and do something Kingdom-shaking through your life.

by Sheri Cook, Director of Special Ministries