What Can I Pray for You?

Earlier this year a friend of mine asked the thrilling question, “What verse can I pray for you this year?” I chose a combination of Philippians 3:10 and Hebrews 12:2, that I would know Christ and fix my eyes on Jesus. I’m not certain if it is the result of our combined prayers for this, but I am finding the desire for this intensifying. The more I gaze on Him, the more I find myself stirred by Him.

As I go on in my faith walk, I find it too easy to get distracted by good things. The desire to deepen in my knowledge of the Word, give my life in fruitful service to the kingdom, and progress in the disciplines of spiritual growth can weight the balance of my life too much in the direction of the doing and not leave enough space for the being. I need to do these things, but I also need to bask in the Presence, as well.

Paul warns us against allowing the enemy to deceive us away from simple and pure devotion to Jesus, and this can come as easily through the distraction of “good things” as by the temptation of “bad things.” I need to constantly return my gaze to the face and person of Jesus, to still my soul in the arms of my Father, and to open my heart to the stirring of the Spirit.

If your friend were to ask you what verse they could pray for you, which would you choose? Find a friend and exchange verses, then see what God will stir in Your life.

by Sheri Cook, Director of Special Ministries