We WILL Reap

Mark Buchanan has recently published a very thought provoking book entitled, Spiritual Rhythm.  Typically I devour such books in a process I call “ocular inhalation,” however since this is the season when my time is primarily driven by getting things ready for the Christmas Outreach, I’ve had to settle for reading this book in snippets.  And actually that has not been a bad thing because it gives me time to really think about many of the implications of Buchanan’s ideas over time.

What I’m currently chewing on are his thoughts about how we reap what we sow.  On one level it is one of those “no, duh” statements we all take as fact.  But acknowledging it intellectually is far different than living it out, and this principle has valid implications in every area of our lives.  For instance, as I pop some “slam food” into my mouth (so called because I don’t want to take time to stop and eat a proper meal, but just want the hunger to go away so I “slam” something down), I am now thinking, “if I sow M&M’s, what am I reaping?”   Relationally, I am asking myself what I am sowing in the lives of family and friends.  Spiritually, I am examining if what I am sowing will yield a harvest of righteousness.

If we sow prayerlessness will we reap power? If we sow unforgiving spirits will we reap love?  If we sow only an SOS relationship with God, will we reap intimacy?  If we sow materialism, will we reap any reward in heaven?  If we sow muffins, will we reap muscles?  It is a truth to chew on.

by Sheri Cook, Director of Special Ministries