Hidden But Faithful

When God makes a promise, we can believe it, even when we can’t see it.  A case in point is in the account of Judah, where Jehoshaphat’s decision to intermarry with the house of Ahab had brought their murderous nature and nurture into the bosom of the house of David, resulting in the daughter of Ahab actually usurping the throne.  Her son had killed all his brothers, and after his death “mommy dearest” had dispatched her grandchildren and anyone else who might have any potential claim to the throne.

If you were a faithful believer in Jehovah at that time, you might have wondered about God’s promise to David that he would always have someone on the throne of Judah.  How could this happen?  Why had God’s promise failed?   The people must have shaken their heads, wrung their hands, and wondered in despair.

Have you ever been there?  Have you ever looked at your circumstances and not seen God’s promise at work in your life and wondered if His promises have failed, or if they just don’t apply to you?  Or you wonder if you just misunderstood them? The enemy will take any small doubt and turn it into full-fledged discouragement.

But the rest of the story is—God had a little secret.  He had hidden away one of David’s descendents, a little baby, who for the next six years was a well-kept secret of God’s faithfulness to His promise.  God always keeps His word, but He doesn’t always do it in our timing, by our methods, or within our ability to see.  That’s part of where our faith comes in.  Just like Abraham, who believed God’s promise, despite the fact that everything he could see belied the hope he had, God often calls us to trust in the dark.

So if there is a promise of God calling out to you, and He’s applied it to your life but you are not yet seeing how or even if He will fulfill it, hang on to your faith in Him. There may be a secret hidden away somewhere that needs to grow up a bit before He reveals it.  But you know you can always believe He will keep His word.

by Sheri Cook, Director of Special Ministries