Are You Ready for the Reckoning?

Having worked in the music industry for a few years my collection of CDs is large.  But since I have left that industry I don’t purchase much music anymore, I only focus on a few artists that I enjoy and buy everything they put out.  Recently my favorite artist, Andrew Peterson, released a CD titled Counting Stars (purchase it here). Andrew has a way with words that not many musicians can match.  The last song on his CD is probably my favorite as he writes about the desire for the day when Christ will come back.  It is something that has struck a chord with me.  It seems lately that I’m in a place where I’m so looking forward to leaving this world behind.  The pain, the hurt, the injustice, the lack of love for our Creator saddens and overwhelms me (can’t imagine how God feels) and I yearn for His return.

Please take 5 minutes and go over to this blog post and listen to the song while reading the lyrics. You will be moved and I believe you too will ask, “How long until this curtain is lifted? How long is this the song that we sing? How long until the reckoning?”

by Jon Rees, Pastor of High School Ministries