The Busy Life

It seems that my life is always busy.  Whether we are running off to a baseball game with my son, taking my daughter to a baby sitting job, trying to juggle two jobs, all the while still being a single car family… I get tired just thinking about it.  We are always on the go.  If one more thing is added to my schedule, I think I’m going to scream.

Ever feel that way?  I’m sure Jesus felt that way a lot.  As I am reading the Gospel of Mark, I am struck with how busy Jesus was.  Crowds would surround Jesus.  Some wanted to see who this guy was.  Some wanted healing.  Some just wanted to see a miracle.  People pressed in to get Jesus’ attention.  Talk about a busy schedule.  Yet what amazes me about Jesus is that despite His busy schedule, despite the crowds vying for his attention, Jesus took time to care for individuals.  Jesus noticed the person in the crowd.  In Mark chapter 5, Jesus is travelling to the house of Jairus to heal his daughter who was dying.  He is busy set on the task of healing a sick, dying child, when a woman who was bleeding, reaches out to Jesus for healing.  What does Jesus do?  He stops.  Did you catch that?  He stops.  He turns around and looks for the one who touched Him.  Here is a woman who has been suffering for twelve years and according to Jewish customs was considered unclean.  An outcast, yet Jesus stops to notice her.  Can you imagine how she felt?  Amid a busy schedule, with crowds pressing in, Jesus stopped to attend to the need of this outcast woman.  Instead of being offended that someone interrupted what He was doing, Jesus turned and looked and healed someone in need.  It is no different today.  Isn’t wonderful to know that our Savior is not too busy to stop for us and hear our plea for help.

O Lord, how often I let the busyness of my life, crowd out the opportunities to touch someone who needs Your help.  Give me the mind of Christ, the heart of compassion for others and the eyes to see how I can help someone in my path today.

by Doug Friesen, Pastor of Worship Ministries